Shopify Store Setup

In the Shopify Experts ranking CartCoders is the edge. Our dedicated production and design services are for your Shopify Store Setup ready on the market, in Sevrals verticals for the creation of Your Shopify Store

At CartCoders, We develop highly custom Shopify Stores for all corporate sizes and introduce the new top standards to your business.

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Highlights of Shopify Setup Services

CartCoders offers 360-degree solutions for all your shopify app development requirements. with years of domain expertise, choosing CartCoders as your preferred Shopify development company gives you an edge over your Shopify store projects because:

Installing the Store’s Theme:
Shopify themes can either be purchased orcustomized – we can set it up for you in both the cases. We would ensure that your Shopify theme runs smoothly across all screen sizes, whether desktop or mobile and is highly responsive.

Product Creation/Setup:
This is the most important aspect of the Shopify E-Commerce setup. Mind you, it’s a very daunting, yet critical task related to the Shopify store setup and CartCoders are an expert in this! we help you setup product categories, images, inventory, SKU, descriptions and other nuances of the product page that are most important for any Shopify store.

Payment Gateway Setup:
Our Shopify setup experts are well versed with payment gateway integrations and its setup across store’s configurations. We truly understand that these integrations should be bug-free and without glitches, and we perform thorough testing before marking the store live.

Shipping Modes Configuration:
Based on your store’s or the sellers registered on your multi-vendor marketplace’s logistics capabilities, we help you smoothly drive your shipping related operations within the admin dashboard itself. Whether it is cash/card/credit – we can set it up efficiently for your product Sales.

API and other 3rd party Integrations:
If you are looking to integrate your store’s data via an API across various platforms to manage your operations, or if you want your store to be able to support various 3rd party integrations to perform complex functionalities, then we can surely make that happen for you. All we need is a detailed architectural flow from your end and then we’ll take it up!

Setting up the Blog Pages:
Setting up the blogs play an important part when we look upon the digital marketing spectrum for any E-Commerce store. Our Shopify setup experts won’t only help in setting up the overall structure of the blog section, but also provide you fruitful tips to operate it efficiently.

SSL Certificate Installation:
To rank higher under SERP, having an SSL certificate for your shopify store is a requirement and improves the overall performance of your store on an SEO perspective. our Shopify E-Commerce setup experts at CartCoders will take care of all your SSL certificate configurations and installations without many hassles.

Customizing the Cart Checkout:
We can help set up customized checkout pages for your users based on the customer type, the payment mode or the type of product. when we say customized, we help you set up your custom logos, CSS and other unique identifiers of your store to make it more creative and appealing.